Workshops with Jeff and Vangie Gunn

Studio Vocals: Transferable Concepts for the Worship Team

As presented at the Purpose Driven Worship Conference at Saddleback Church 3 years in a row, as well as at several churches throughout the United States this workshop is available to you and your teams. Jeff and Vangie take their years of experience and education to teach tools which bring out the best vocals in any team. Whether a mixed group, choir, men or women's team, or soloists, Jeff and Vangie teach and apply studio techniques to improve vocal quality, blend and tone. They also address issues of team work and ministry purpose.

Usually a weekend event, Jeff and Vangie can do Friday- Saturday workshop sessions with specialized breakout times, and giving everyone a chance to apply what they've learned on mic! The weekend is finished of with them singing in all of the services. Its not only a learning experience, but its fun and team building as well as valuable to any worship department.

Don't miss out on this wonderful opportunity to grow musically!

Example Package:

Friday night Saturday

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